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The Next Step In Our Social Mission: The Homejoy Foundation

The Next Step In Our Social Mission: The Homejoy Foundation
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The Next Step In Our Social Mission:  The Homejoy Foundation

There are many crises going on in this world. The ones closest are in our very own homes.

It seems like the simplest thing: to be able to return to a welcoming home after a hard, long day at work; but this isn’t possible for everyone. This is crazy to me — the difference between you and I having a home while someone else does not can be so small — being born into an unfortunate situation or reeling from the effects of sacrificing for the greater good.

Our mission at Homejoy, Inc. is to make homes happier — whether it’s giving people back time to do things at home they love, or providing opportunities for others that support their homes. Now after months of work, I’m proud to finally announce the launch of the Homejoy Foundation, an official non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, which will help further our mission on the most basic levels.
We believe that non-profits and government agencies have their hearts in the right place, yet often get stuck in bureaucratic messiness. There may be a lack of urgency, inefficiency, or limited impact. The answer is instead to rely on entrepreneurship. Being imaginative, measuring and re-optimizing often, breaking through the red-tape, demanding immediate impact and ensuring fast traction. We’ve recruited a board of five volunteers dedicated to doing all these things – and more.
As all startups should do, the board chose a focus area to direct our initial efforts. We selected veterans and military families due to the growing need and personal connections. Our goal is to help those homes impacted by war, whether it’s a soldier with a leg injury who needs a better way to walk up the stairs or a local non-profit dedicated to helping orphaned children. To start, the foundation is accepting grant applications through December 11th for individuals and organizations who fall into this focus area. We’ve streamlined the application and vetting process so that applicants get responses within 2 weeks of the deadline (depending on volume).To those that donate, we promise:
  • 100% of your donation will go toward grants to create happy homes – Homejoy, Inc. will cover all administrative and operational costs.
  • We will thoroughly vet all grant applicants to ensure the biggest impact.
  • You will know exactly where your donation went. You’ll get a Transparency ID to track how your donation was used.
  • Your donation will be tax deductible through our 501(c)(3) status.
  • Our board and other volunteers will work closely with each recipient organization and individual to ensure your donation is used effectively.
If you know a veteran-focused non-profit or individual who could use a little help, please encourage them to apply for a grant. You can also support veterans and their families through a donation. Finally, if you’re interested in volunteering, or working with us as an intern this spring, please send an email to info@homejoy.org.To happier homes everywhere,Adora Cheung

CEO & Co-Founder, Homejoy Inc.
Board Member, Homejoy Foundation

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